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Standard Billing

TRASH FLOW Standard Billing is ideal for residential and light commercial haulers, giving you everything you need to manage customers and get your bills out on time. The essential module of our waste management software, TRASH FLOW Standard Billing is what you've been looking for to help you run your business your way.

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Commercial Billing

Our Commercial Billing system is designed for haulers with a significant residential and dumpster business, including incidental roll-off business. It has all the features of the TRASH FLOW Standard Billing system, plus a host of other features designed for larger haulers. The TRASH FLOW Commercial Billing system gives you even more flexibility to serve your residential and dumpster customers effectively.


When added to your Standard Billing or Commercial Billing system, TRASH FLOW's Routing route management module is the ideal trash hauler software for residential, commercial, and industrial haulers, helping you organize and manage routes and services so you can give your customers the very best service.

Container Tracking

The TRASH FLOW Container Tracking module helps you maximize your profits by keeping a close eye on your container utilization. Our placement slot management lets you bill your containers by placement slot rather than by individual containers. Also, the Container Tracking module seamlessly integrates with the work order and dispatch features of our Commercial Billing system.

Material Tracking

Use Material Tracking for a simple, easy way to record how many different materials, and how much of each, are going out and where they're headed. Log destination locations and manage inventories, trucks and tonnage, then print reports by truck, by material, or by destination - whichever you choose. TRASH FLOW's Material Tracking module also seamlessly integrates with our Standard Billing and Commercial Billing system so there's no need to re-enter existing customer data.


You can combine TRASH FLOW modules to create a smartly-designed roll-off software package for your roll-off or full-service business. Our Industrial/ Roll-Off combinations give you the power and flexibility to fit the way you do business now.

Teleroute (In Truck Software)

Not just a GPS system (although it does do that). Teleroute is fully integrated with your Routing and Dispatching system. It is the perfect mobile application designed for Trash Haulers.

TipTick (Landfill/Transfer Station)

TipTick, our Landfill/Transfer Station module, handles your scale house ticketing and scale house billing operations. It utilizes the power of TRASH FLOW's Commercial Billing system to maintain your Accounts Receivable. Even if your scale house is not located near your office, our Offsite Scale House feature allows the scale house to have all the features of TipTick while the reporting and billing are still done in your main office.

Access Control

Our Access Control module allows you not only to limit the access of users to various features of your TRASH FLOW system, but it also identifies who did what. You can establish passwords for each user and track all changes to customer accounts. It works with our Standard Billing or Commercial Billing systems to support your internal financial controls.

Networking/Multi-User Systems

TRASH FLOW is designed to handle multiple users and is fully compatible with local networks and many wide-area networks. Our Networking/Multi-User system will allow more than one user at a time on your TRASH FLOW software and, because it's based on the number of people working at the same time and not the number of different users, it easily fits your budget.

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