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Event Tracking

Automatically record account activity and find it all in one place with Event Tracking.

Monitor Account Activity

The Event Tracking feature records changes to customer accounts without anyone entering any additional data. And, if you add the Access Control module to your TRASH FLOW Commercial Billing system, you can also keep track of which users have made those changes (including deleted charges or other financial transactions) to any customer's account.

Configurations and Prices

The Event Tracking feature is included in your TRASH FLOW Commercial Billing system at no extra cost—there are no additional modules to buy!

Track Additions and Changes To:

  • Customer name / address
  • Rates
  • Electronic billing options
  • Billing
  • Suspension dates
  • Credit card information
  • Banking information
  • Late fees
  • End-of-service dates
  • Service start dates
  • COD status
  • Bill groups
  • Routing schedule
  • Account type
  • Customer comments

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