Software for Waste Handlers


Bring the power of Trash Flow right into the truck with standard mobile tablets and even smart phones.

Not just a GPS system (although it does do that too), Teleroute is fully integrated with your routing and dispatching system. It is the perfect application designed for Trash Haulers.

"I used to lie awake at night, not dreaming of winning the lottery. I used to dream about software that would do exactly this." -- One of the first users of TeleRoute.

Android, Apple (iOS)

  • TeleRoute will run on both major mobile operating systems
  • Tablets or SmartPhones

Routing (Residential and Commercial)

  • Drivers can mark each stop complete with a single tap
  • Report no trash out or dumpster blocked with one tap and snap a picture that's automatically stored in a customer's record
  • Record extra services like clean-ups, Christmas trees or couches for easy charging later
  • Automatically reorder routes in Trash Flow based on how they were run by the driver


  • Send messages to your trucks right from TrashFlow
  • Drivers can respond in length or with quick reply buttons from within the app


Teleroute is billed monthly on a per truck basis

  • $30.00/truck for between 1-10 trucks
  • $25.00/truck for between 11-20 trucks
  • $20.00/truck for 21+ trucks
  • Requires TF AVS Service

Privacy Policy

Read out privacy policy here

Track Your Trucks

Trucks phone home as they pick up individual stops or process workorders. Watch your trucks moving around a map in real time.

  • Review historical records as lists, reports, or maps from today, yesterday and beyond
  • Find out where your trucks were throughout the day and at what time stops were picked up
  • Compare when stops are picked up on different weeks to see patterns in how long your routes take

(Industrial Roll Off and Work Orders)

  • What your dispatcher sees and does is what your drivers will see in real time
  • The dispatcher assigns the work order and it automatically shows up on the driver's device in the order the dispatcher wants it done
  • Drivers can easily record images, notes, and activity for each work order as they go

Track Everything Else!

Never before has it been so easy to keep track of everything your driver does

  • Digitalize your landfill tickets by recording tips and costs
  • Keep track of what you're spending on fuel and where
  • Keep an eye on breakdowns and more

Cell Service

Teleroute is designed to handle intermittent cell service. It will automatically save up what it has been doing, and as soon as it can make contact it will update the home office.

TRASH FLOW is a product of:
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TRASH FLOW runs under:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

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