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Industrial/Roll-off Combinations

Add the integrated modules you need to Trash Flow's Commercial Billing system to design the industrial/roll-off office management software package that's perfectly tailored to your roll-off or full-service trash hauling business.


  • Power and flexibility to set rates and bill customers your way—quickly and efficiently
  • Set variable rates and container-based charges
  • Take advantage of online services with Trash Billing, our e-mail billing and online payment system
  • Set up customers and enter payments fast


  • Manage all dispatching from one screen:
    • Add customers
    • Assign container rates
    • Create and edit work orders
    • Charge out work orders
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Color-coded screens highlight the priority levels and job status
  • Handle multiple dispatchers and multiple drivers on different days

Work Orders

  • Complete three transactions with the ease of entering just one:
    • Quickly change any container rate
    • Update container assignments
    • Charge out work orders
  • Daily rental fees are automatically calculated and charged when you complete a work order

Container Tracking

  • Organize, assign, track and bill for your containers without re-entering information
  • Assign customer-specific rates, then switch containers without re-entering the rates with TRASH FLOW's separate container placement and container assignment feature
  • Track the location and placement of containers—keep your containers active so you can maximize your profits

Integrated Modules

Also look at our other, fully-integrated, system components:

for more ways to create the right TRASH FLOW configuration for your business.

Configurations and Prices

TRASH FLOW is priced by module (network pricing is also available). The prices shown here are for the configurations we suggest for this type of hauler.

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