Software for Waste Handlers

TRASH FLOW v. QuickBooks

Function TRASH FLOW Quick Books
Customer Control
View multiple customer accounts at the same time In Trash Flow, you can view more than one
		customer's account at the same time. No
Automatically fill in customer information by geographic region or zip code Trash Flow has geographic auto-fill No
Track customer comments about employees Trash Flow can search by check number No
Pop-up reminders & ticklers Trash Flow has pop-up reminders and ticklers 
		to alert you to tasks and events. No pop-ups
Set up 10 new customers Under 5 minutes Over 15 minutes
Record 100 payments Less than 10 minutes Over 20 minutes
System-wide price changing Trash Flow allows you to make 
		system wide price changes. No
Automatic surcharging Trash Flow can automatically 
		add a surcharge to customer bills. No
Operate under different business names Trash Flow allows you to operate 
		under multiple business names. No
Statement / Invoice billing Trash Flow allows you to bill your 
		customers by statement or by invoice. Quick Books also allows you to bill your 
		customers by statement or invoice.
Postcard billing Trash Flow will print your bills 
		on postcards. No
Coupon book billing Trash Flow generates coupon books No
Search customer payments by check number In Trash Flow you can search for a 
		customer's account using a check number. No
Track customer security deposits Trash Flow tracks security deposits No
Analyze customer credit and create report Trash Flow reports on customer credit levels No
Assign customers to routes You can easily assign customers to 
		routes with the routing feature. No
Dispatching feature integrated with work orders and routing Trash Flow's dispatching function is 
		integrated with Trash Flow work orders. No
Establish routes with pick-up addresses Trash Flow has routing with 
		pick-up addresses No
Genuine routing and route optimization functions Trash Flow has routing and 
		route optimization capabilities. No
Produce route profitability reports Trash Flow generates profit 
		reports for each route No
Electronic Payments
Monthly fee for electronic payments None $19.95
Monthly fee for online payments None Additional $29.90
Monthly fee for direct draft payments None Additional $9.95
Automatic posting of electronic payments to accounts Trash Flow will automatically post
		electronic payments to your customers' accounts. No
Customer histories online Your customers can see their accounts 
		online with our electronic payment processing service. Your customers can also see their 
		accounts online with Quick Books' electronic payment processing service.
Customer-paid handling fees to reduce / eliminate your transaction fees Trash Flow lets you set a handling 
		fee to offset the cost per transaction for electronic payments. No
Customers can sign up online for automatic payments  Your customers can sign up online 
		to set up automatic paymetns. No
ACH return fee (NSF, etc.)  $4.00 $10.00
Additional software needed to accept electronic payments No Yes
Free set-up Trash Flow offers free setup for 
		electronic payments. $59.95
Additional Modules
Material tracking A material tracking module is available 
		with Trash Flow. No
Container tracking A container tracking module is available 
		with Trash Flow. No
TipTicket (Landfill Management) Trash Flow can help you manage your 
		landfill and scale houses. No
Electronic scale and offsite scale house interfaces Modules for connecting to electronic 
		scales and for communicating with your offsite scale house are available with Trash Flow. No
Technical Support
Years of experience in the waste handling industry Over 20 None
90 days' free support Trash Flow offers 90 days 
		of free technical support No
Free set-up Trash Flow offers free help 
		in setting up Trash Flow on your system. No
Free full-product training Trash Flow offers free help with
		setting up Trash Flow. No
Technicians who work exclusively with the waste handling industry Trash Flow technical support works 
		exclusively with the waste handling industry. No

TRASH FLOW is a product of:
Ivy Computer, Inc.
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TRASH FLOW runs under:
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

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