Software for Waste Handlers

TipTick - Landfill/Transfer Station Management

Run your billing, ticketing, scale house, and yard, all with the same system.

Easy Tickets

  • Warn when cash customers arrive
  • Print dollar amount on ticket
  • Display cash tendered / change due on ticket
  • Bill customers independent of truck ownership
  • Mark tickets as "reprint"
  • Edit tickets
  • Print in a variety of formats
  • Take cash payments at scale house

Scale House

  • Weigh in / weigh out or tare weight operation
  • Separate tare weights for trailers & containers
  • Charge by different measures:
    • Ton / Metric Ton
    • Pound
    • Yard
    • Per Each
  • Multi-pass operations
  • Process work orders from TipTick screen
  • Off-site scale house option lets you locate your office away from your scale house

Transfer Station Management

  • Easy outbound material recording
  • Outbound planning
  • Track and manage origins and destinations of materials
  • Enhanced reporting features
  • Yard Management
    • Maintain real-time material inventories
    • Traffic Monitoring

Configurations and Prices

TRASH FLOW is priced by module (network pricing is also available).

The following items are not subject to our regular network pricing (sold on a per-unit basis):

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