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There's nothing to lose by using Trash Billing!

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E-mail Billing

Sending your bills through Trash Billing e-mail is FREE. You just need an Internet connection.

Electronic Payments

  • NO set-up fee.
  • NO monthly service fee.
  • NO additional modules or software to buy—Trash Billing is already part of your TRASH FLOW system.
  • NO fees unless your customers use Trash Billing.

Per-Transaction Fees

  • $.35 for each transaction made through Trash Billing. (CC & ACH)
  • Additional 2.95% of the total payment for credit/debit card payments.
  • $.25 for each Bank Check Received. (RPPS) (optional)

Handling Charges

Don't want to pay transaction fees? Learn how you can reduce or eliminate those fees by clicking here.

Eliminate Transaction Fees

Volume Discounts

Trash Billing offers discounts on the $.35 transaction fee based on the monthly volume of transactions (averaged over a quarter):

500 to 999 payments: $.30 per payment (CC & ACH)
$.20 per check (RPPS)
1000 to 1499 payments: $.25 per payment(CC & ACH)
$.15 per check (RPPS)
1500 to 1999 payments: $.20 per payment(CC & ACH)
$.12 per check (RPPS)
2000+ payments: $.15 per payment(CC & ACH)
$.09 per check (RPPS)

Incidental Fees

Setup Charge: FREE
Returns (i.e., NSF): $4.00 per payment
Credit Card Declined: No Charge
Contested Credit Card: $20.00 per payment

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