Software for Waste Handlers

Address Verification System (AVS)

Your way to make sure you know where your customers are, and that they will get their bill.


View your customer's location on a map in real time, allowing you to confirm with the customer that you truly know where they are.

  • Include maps on work orders.
  • See your routes on maps.
  • Display multiple routes on one map to make it easier to change routes, and discover overlap conditions.
  • See new customers on the map along with routes to make assignment to routes easier.

Physical Address Verification

New and changed physical addresses for customers or containers are evaluated in real time to make sure they can be found.

  • Allows you to catch errors before the driver gets lost.

Postal Address Verification

New and changed billing addresses for customers are evaluated in real time to make sure they are valid postal addresses.

  • Formatting corrections are made to make sure they meet postal regulations.
  • Note: This verification is not sufficient for postal discounts (see Bulk Mailing Discounts).

*Requires a live internet connection


AVS is billed monthly.

  • $20.00/month subject to network pricing

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