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Route Optimization

Let us plan the smartest routes for your drivers. Route Optimization calculates the shortest possible distance between stops, creating the fastest and most efficient route.


Take efficiency to the next level with our Route Optimization service.

  • Save valuable time planning routes
  • Avoid unnecessary mileage and truck wear
  • Eliminate the driver/route learning curve
  • Easy to use


  • Add a list of stops from Trash Flow
  • Ability to create up to 4 routes from one customer list
  • Send up to 2,000 stops at a time for routing
  • Works with TeleRoute
  • Ability to work within Trash Flow while Route Optimization is calculating
  • AVS is required to run Route Optimization


Instead of charging per route or per stop like some other software companies, we charge a flat monthly fee. We find this will keep your life simple and be less expensive.

1st user only $40 per month
2nd-5th users only $20 per month
6th-25th users only $10 per month
26th+ users only $5 per month
(Based on your number of Trash Flow licensed users)

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TRASH FLOW runs under:
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